“Walking the Way of Faith in an Age of Uncertainty” 

All are warmly invited to a retreat morning on Saturday Sept 12th 9.30am-12.30pm at St Dominic’s School Hall. 

Please RSVP by 10th September:Phone 9245 3899 or Email: 

We are living in anxious and uncertain times as we witness the effects of both the Pandemic and the instability across our world. This leaves many confused, fearful and disturbed on many levels. What is the Christian response to a time of great un- certainty? What “resources” does our Church offer us during such times? How can we be a source of hope in troubled times? 

The Retreat will be facilitated by Fr Tony Chiera VG from Bunbury Diocese, and will provide opportunities for input, reflection, sharing and meditation.

This Retreat is being offered as support for people of faith during this time of the Pandemic. We are facing great uncertainty and challenges for us all. Coping with fear, anxiety and change is a serious issue for many.

The retreat offers time and space for prayer and deep reflection as we explore the richness of our faith in facing the challenges of our day. It will offer people a chance to step aside from their daily routine and find nourishment and hope from the Scriptures, meditation, sharing and silent reflection.

Fr Bernard hopes to create a ‘Parish Tradition’ of an annual retreat for our parish; to give hope to people and a chance to find more peace and strength, while also offering spiritual support for the parish and its ministries.

The Retreat is part of the Parish Renewal Project and compliments our ‘Draw Near’ outreach program. Fr Bernard’s guidance in Parish Renewal appreciates the need of people for spiritual nourishment in everyday life, empowered by God as we continue His mission in our present times.