A survey of parishioners, as well as families from the 2 primary schools, was conducted in November 2019 to examine issues affecting the Innaloo/Karrinyup Parish. The survey was completed either during Mass or online. All responses were anonymous and confidential. There were almost 200 respondents. Below is a brief summary of the results.

Parish Life and Mission

There was strong support for the Parish Priest and the welcoming feel of the Parish. Other strengths of the Parish included the multicultural community and the number of volunteers. Parishioners have many concerns with financial issues and loneliness being commonly noted, as well as the busyness of life and mental health issues. There was a strong feeling that more needed to be done to encourage children and youth in Parish life.

Parish Liturgy

There was general support for the readers and music, but some concerns were expressed about the music, and suggestions were made for improvements including training, and involving children and youth.

Parish Schools

There was strong support for promoting the interaction between the Parish and the schools. Suggestions were made for school masses and family masses. There was recognition and support among respondents of the Parish Priest visiting the school.

Parish Pastoral Council

There was limited understanding of the role of the Parish Pastoral Council and who its members were but suggestions were made on possible activities relating to the role of the Parish in the community.