Parish Outreach


A message from Fr Bernard….

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Corona Virus Pandemic is causing great uncertainty and hardship in our community and we are aware that there are challenging days to

As a Parish and Christian community we are also aware of our sacred mission from Christ, to bring hope and practical love to those in need. With
this in mind, I am inviting all of us to become involved in a special outreach project in our Parish that we have called ‘Draw Near’.

This is very much a team effort from all quarters of our Parish and includes the contribution of the wider Parish, St Vincent de Paul, Newman
College, Our Lady of Good Counsel and St Dominic’s schools as well as WA Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office.

This project will focus on the needs of overseas students, refugees and the wider community as Government support and funding begins to change over the next couple of months. Our focus will be on everyday foodstuffs and hygiene packs that will enable vulnerable people in our community to have everyday basics to live. We invite the children and families from our
three schools to focus on donations of foodstuffs and the rest of the Parish community to focus on hygiene items.

As you can see this is a truly collaborative effort from all parts of the Parish and will employ the many gifts in our Parish.

I am most grateful to everyone who is contributing to this project as we seek to ‘draw near’ to those in need. I am particularly grateful to the three principals of our schools and Deacon Greg, for working to bring this project to life.

I invite each one of us to pray fervently for God’s blessing on this Parish project, as we seek to respond to Christ who lives in the vulnerable and
suffering in a special way.

Thank you and God bless each one of you.