Latest COVID Lockdown News

Dear sisters and brothers,

As you have no doubt heard, the latest Government advice to Perth and the Peel Region is for a three day lockdown.

This means we are unable to celebrate Mass from tomorrow morning till Monday. 

Even though we are unable to celebrate Mass the life of the Parish continues. 

Please touch base with one another to see if they need your support during this time, and do not hesitate to contact me if you need my assistance.

This is the 4th weekend of Easter and Good Shepherd Sunday. The image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd ultimately reminds us that we are in the care of the One who faithfully loves us.

Similarly we are called to be faithful to our calling to be disciples of Jesus (sheep of his flock). A faithful disciple strives to listen and learn from the teacher, so that they may become more like him. How can you learn from Jesus and be a good shepherd to others this weekend? What would a good shepherd do to help one that is lonely or isolated, in need or struggling to cope? 

I have linked the Archbishop’s latest pastoral letter below for you to read and reflect. 

May God be with us all, keep us safe from harm and help us to be faithful disciples.