Easter Season

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Life is certainly becoming more hectic and challeng- ing for many of us. There are so many things to deal with and keep a track of, that sometimes we are left exhausted.

That’s one reason why we set aside certain days to remember and celebrate the truly important things in life. In this way we hopefully won’t forget the essen- tials and lose our way. And so we have Birthdays, Anniversaries, ANZAC Day….. and Easter.

Easter is not just a welcome ‘long weekend’ It’s more than a time for a rest and some fishing.

Easter celebrates the very heart of our Christian Faith. This is the one time in the year when the Church family celebrates with all the colour, song, symbol and spirit it can muster. This is the feast that connects us with the Risen Lord, and His life and love that is stronger than violence, sin and death. This is the feast when we renew our commitment as Christians and pledge to support each other in our common mission.

The celebration of Easter is over three days- from Holy Thursday night, Good Friday and the highpoint at Easter Vigil on Saturday night. The joy continues Easter Sunday morning.

At the Easter Vigil we celebrate like no other night. From the Easter fire, we go to the Story of God’s love over centuries to this day, then we celebrate the baptism of new members followed by the Easter Eucharist.

These are the most important days in our Church year. Please make the celebrations a priority and especially help our children to discover the blessings in these special celebrations.

In a challenging world, Easter connects us with the life and love of Jesus Christ shared among us.