Easter – A Celebration of Hope and Love

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The year certainly seems to go quickly, and here we are approaching Easter again! Yet, in some ways we need Easter like never before. We continue to live in uncertain and rapidly changing times. We face daily the pressing challenges of finances, the friction and violence between nations, as well as natural disasters affecting so many parts of the world as well as our own land Australia. And because we live in a “global village” with instant communication, we are constantly aware of events the moment they occur anywhere in the world. Add to all this our own personal and family struggles. In such a world we truly do need the peace and hope that only God can bring us.

Holy week and Easter are a celebration of real hope and love – a love stronger than hatred, violence and death. Easter gives us an opportunity to experience this peace and love as we gather to pray & worship. The ceremonies of Holy Week are the high point of our Church year. In these celebrations we are drawn into a deeper experience of Christ’s love, healing and forgiveness. I invite you to do all you can to make these celebrations a priority during Holy Week, and to especially help our children discover the beauty and richness of our Easter faith.

God bless each of you.
Fr Bernard Lanarolle

Main Image: Easter Lily