Parish Groups

Parish Pastoral Council:  

The Innaloo/Karrinyup Pastoral Council consists of parish representatives from various ministries.  At heart we aim to enliven faith life and encourage involvement in liturgy and other parish activities.
We recently worked at creating a Mission/Vision statement which is to inform the ways in which to proceed.

We have developed a Web Page which is aims at being all inclusive of those who are able to access the internet as well reaching further afield to those who may be interested.

Our Parish Pastoral Councillors are encouraged to attend at least one Formation Session a year which helps to keep in mind that we are to work in the parish as representatives and as a go between with our Parish Priest.  They are always willing to take on tasks when asked, such as speaking to the congregations when needed, helping with distribution of flyers for Christmas and  Easter etc.

The council is made up of the Parish Priest and ex-officio members  and representatives from the parish members. 
There is a drive on at the moment to attract more members as the numbers have dwindled.  Meetings are held on the third Wednesday each month at 7.30 pm in St Dominic's Parish Centre.

Liturgy Planning:

How the Litury is planned: this is what was submitted for the Bishop's visit:

How is the liturgy organised?  (Liturgical Team, Rosters, Training Programmes, etc.) Liturgical Team:  Liturgy team meets to plan for Advent and Christmas and for Lent, Passion Sunday and Easter Triduum.

Rosters: carried out by a person from each church for Acolytes, Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers.  Rosters for Altar Society, musicians and Collection Counters are fixed.  At St Dominic’s the musician rostered on chooses hymns for Mass and at Our Lady of Good Counsel a couple meet every four or five weeks to choose hymns and then practise is held to which everyone is invited. School/Family Masses: 

Last year we held family masses each month and this year we have changed to holding School/Family Masses where the parish schools are asked to illustrate the Gospel and the families concerned to participate in Hospitality, the Collection, Presentation of the Gifts and gather on the altar to join in the Lord’s Prayer.

Training Programmes, People from the different ministries are alerted to diocesan training courses – there are none currently planned to be carried out in the parish.

With reference to singing, language groups, age groups. We are not a large parish: each church has an average attendance of between 50 to 120 and we consider that the majority are English speaking.  Age groups is addressed in following. Singing:  there are three week-end masses-Saturday evening at St Dominic’s - considered the younger peoples’ Mass; Sunday morning 8 am at Our Lady of Good Counsel – considered the older peoples’; and, 9.30 am at St Dominic’s which is attended by the broad spectrum of age groups i.e. families with young children, families with school aged children and people whose families have grown up and moved away etc. Saturday evening mass is lead by musicians with youth in mind. Sunday 8 am normally cater for an older demographic – but this is changing with a number of families with young and school aged children attending regularly. Sunday 9.30 am depends on the musician involved, but generally caters for broad appeal. It is worth noting that we have a number of families in our parish who are involved in the Disciples of Jesus.

These are the activities currently being carried out in the parish:

  • Children's Liturgy
  • Charismatic Prayergroup


Children’s Liturgy


St Dominic’s church — every Sunday at 9.30am Mass

OLGC Church — currently not being held at 8.00am Mass 1st Sunday of month during school term.


Churches on designated Sundays—school terms only


St Dominic’s: Isabelle 0459 537 045
Our Lady of Good Counsel: 9341 3148


Children are called at beginning of Mass to attend in school classroom or parish hall with teacher and return before Presentation of the Gifts. Children use a child friendly version of the current Sunday Gospel reading, engage in discussion, say prayers and complete a craft activity relevant to the Gospel reading. More parent help is appreciated. A working with children card is needed.


OLGC Charismatic Prayer Group


Wednesday 10am—12.30pm school terms




Liz Troon 9447 5041


This long established group meet weekly to praise and worship God using all the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to us at Baptism. The prayer group sing hymns, read  the Scriptures, have teachings and pray with one another for all their needs, including healing in all its forms. They support each other in their growing relationship with God the Father and our Lord Jesus and in daily lives and family needs. The session ends with a cuppa.   Morning Tea - After 8am and 9.30 am mass each Sunday. Please join us for a cuppa after mass.

St Dominic’s Playgroup


Tuesday 9am to 11am school terms


St Dominic’s small kindergarten playground at 9am then moving to the parish hall from 9.45am.


Paola Nicoli This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Monique Champion at St Dominic’s school 9446 1929.


There is no waiting list and more families are encouraged to attend.  Anyone from the Parish can attend, but  generally parents who enrol their children into St Dominic's find out about the playgroup and join because they find it helpful for their child to meet future classmates.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Music Ministry


The music ministry meets each four or five weeks on Saturday mornings (around 10:15 am) - look out for notice in Bulletin.


Our Lady of Good Counsel Church


to practice Mass Settings and hymns to be sung during the liturgies.  Everyone is welcome to join in - notices are in the Bulletin.


  Contact Bronwyn Martin 0438 448 456 or Father Nicholas for further information.